I spoke at the 2017 UROP Conference yesterday about my work at CSIRO. Here are my slides.

Japanese Resources

Some notes from my language-learning archives that others might find useful. There are three documents, one each on particles (助詞), verb conjugation (動詞) and useful vocabulary (語彙). While not comprehensive, they are the summaries to which I wish I had access from the beginning. Happy to share the editable files, so let me know if you would like to develop them further.


Australian Cancer & Health Science Competition

w. Michael Wei, Nic Roumeliotis, Victor Lin, Stephanie Li, Jasun Li, Eileen Hu, Jenny Pham, Daniel Lee, Jordan Santucci

Currently working with the founders of the Australian Cancer & Health Science Competition (ACHSC) to implement an intuitive and accessible online syllabus for entrants, including some video explainers. The inaugural event will be held at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute on Friday 27 October, and will include laboratory tours, guest speakers and networking opportunities, so if you're in the latter years of high school, be sure to look into it.


My sister's blog, Honeybunch of Onion Tops, has been completely overhauled with new branding, design and a veganism-centric YouTube channel. Most certainly worth a peek.

What does it mean to be a chair?

w. Nic Roumeliotis, George Elliott

Produced a brief meditation on personhood for the Big History Project in response to the question: what does it mean to be human? Made the final eight and got linked on Bill Gates's blog.

An article of mine, on thinking optimistically about climate change, got published in the April edition of Farrago.