w. Nic Roumeliotis

Collaborated with the team entering the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition from The University of Melbourne, producing a triumvirate of promotional videos. They capitalised on the peptide-synthesing abilities of E. Coli to come up with a way of manufacturing star-shaped peptides, which can be used as a structural carrier for the delivery of other medicinal molecules. We had naught to do with the laboratory side of things, but check out their wiki if you'd like to know more.

Thorburn & Gooden will be performing an original at Crown Palladium next Saturday, as part of the centenary reunion for St Leonard's College. You're an alumnus? Then come along!

Commodifying Nature

w. Nic Roumeliotis

Produced a short film explaining the concept of market failure, as well as the notion of putting a price on natural utilities as a relatively unexplored way of closing environmental externalities. Placed second in the Introductory Microeconomics film competition at The University of Melbourne.

The Bangladesh Dinner

w. George Gooden

Thorburn & Gooden performed an original number at the annual St Leonard's College fundraiser for Bangladeshi educational institutions last night. Somehow managed to auction ourselves off, raising an extra $600. Apologies for the shakiness of the above video, and thanks to Nicola and principal Stuart Davis for being such good sports.


Honeybunch of Onion Tops

w. Phoebe Thorburn

Provided design and web development for my sister's blog, Honeybunch of Onion Tops. If you're into edible, creatable and wearable things, you shouldn't postpone a visit. Built using Ghost.

Partnered with a good friend to launch Thorburn & Gooden: purveyors of fine musical balderdash. We do Noel Coward-ian cabaret, a mixture of classics and originals.