A self-prescribed reading list. I also keep a reading log.

Socially expected to purchase a gift?

A book's the way to go, though I'd rather not read ones that don't interest me — yolo and all that. If you'd like to recommend a personal favourite, splendid . I will always read all books that are gifted to me, and this page is simply an attempt to avoid unvetted literatic works.

A note on sourcing

Titles can be sorted by my preferred mode of consumption, which is generally as a libary loan or, failing that, as an eBook. Second-hand copies in good condition are also appreciated. Each cover links to a potential online source, but if purchasing a hard copy, please do see if your local [second-hand] bookshop can source them first. They'll appreciate the business, even if — to a casual observer — they appear to be struggling to find one of the more obscure tomes in their supplier's database.

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan Peirce The Evolution of Cooperation God bless you, Dr Kevorkian On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking Japan's Dietary Transition and its Impacts Zen in the Art of Writing How to write a sentence Ernest Hemingway on Writing Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms Prime Movers of Globalization Energy Myths and Realities Why America is not a new Rome Enriching the Earth Feeding the World China's Environmental Crisis Power Density Energy at the Crossroads Robert J. Hawke Nationalism The House of God Information Visualisation How to Read a Book The Box Business Adventures Letters to a Young Contrarian Time Travel Why Read the Classics? Straw Dogs The Naked Ape Good Omens Standing by Words Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Japanese Translation) The Bloody Chamber The Physics of Wall Street The Idealist The Great Escape Forecast The Functional Art Six Memos for the Next Millenium Elements of Information Theory Of Africa Want Not Bore Hole A Field Guide to Getting Lost The Conquest of Happiness The Penguin History of Economics The Age of Sustainable Development Men of Mathematics The Theory of Moral Sentiments The Open Society and its Enemies The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin On Immunity The Executioner A Random Walk in Science The Demon-Haunted World Einstein's God The Human Age The Accidental Universe Invisible Cities Clade A Generation of Materialism Credo and Twelve Poems How Not to be Wrong The Journalist and the Murderer A Few Hares to Chase The Dream Machine The Gene The Evolution of Everything The Steerswoman Who Gets What - And Why Stuff Matters Machete Season The Year of Magical Thinking Infidel The Flight of the Garuda Gaia The Last Word Autobiography Scarcity: Why having too little means so much The Human Quest: Prospering within Planetary Boundaries E. Paul Torrance When I Was A Child I Read Books Strangers Drowning On the Move Loitering Between the World and Me Natural Gas Quack This Way I Contain Multitudes No Good Men Among the Living Humiliation This Changes Everything Flatland Siddhartha Ready Player One Sustainable Energy Gnomon On Photography Letters to a Young Mathematician Rationalism in Politics The Body Economic Intellectual Empathy Islam and the Future of Tolerance The Vital Question The Prophet and the Astronomer The Most Good You Can Do Animal Liberation Lying A Mathematician's Apology The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected The Moral Landscape The Dancing Universe Still the Iron Age Thinking and Deciding A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar Black Hole Blues Genius The Information On Human Conduct The Creative Destruction of Medicine Art of Doing Science and Engineering The Soul of an Octopus The Inevitable The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy The Wealth of Humans An Economic Theory of Democracy The Conscious Mind The Dictator's Handbook Whole Earth Discipline Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Code Known and Strange Things Made in the USA Global Catastrophes and Trends: The Next Fifty Years The Road to Serfdom Desert Solitaire The End of Nature The Forest Unseen Energy Transitions How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read Seeing Like a State Letters from a Stoic On Inequality We Do Things Differently The First Serious Optimist Would You Kill the Fat Man? The Big Picture Other Minds Elinor Ostrom Micromotives and Macrobehavior Programming the Universe The Lost Domain Emblems of Mind A Universe of Sufficient Size The Master and His Emissary Quantum Computing since Democritus If this isn't nice, what is? Q is for Quantum The Circle Our Mathematical Universe Infinitesimal Digital Gold Albion's Seed The Organization Man The Botany of Desire Consciousness Waves Passing in the Night The Garden of Forking Paths The Wizard and the Prophet 12 Rules for Life Exhalation Bosie Images of Organization The Pea and the Sun McNamara's Folly Fire in the Mind Theory of Games and Economic Behavior The Radical Fool of Capitalism The Problem of Political Authority Why Liberalism Failed The Magic Of Thinking Big Better Presentations The Phantom Tollbooth A Guide to the Good Life Doing Good Better Guns, Germs And Steel Chimpanzee Politics Fascism Impro Being and Time The Man in the High Castle The Great Leveler Where Mathematics Come From The Road to Reality The Tyranny of Metrics The Annotated Alice Collapse The Origins and History of Consciousness Topology of Violence The Ascent of John Tyndall The Dawn of Eurasia Algorithms to Live By The Good Mood Lost in Math Language, Truth & Logic Terror and Consent The Silent Epidemic Expert Political Judgment Dance of the Photons Brownian Motion and Diffusion Infinity Visual Complex Analysis Idea Makers On Grief and Reason Prime Obsession Mend the Living Finding Fibonacci Macroeconomics and the Phillips Curve Myth The Field Study Handbook Fragile by Design The Three-Body Problem Mind Hacks The Bourgeois Virtues Bourgeois Dignity A Radical Approach to Real Analysis Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems Scale Sourdough Proofs From THE BOOK A Mind at Play Aftermath Selections from Science and Sanity The Rhetoric of Economics Death and the Penguin Inheritors of the Earth In a Different Key Big Chicken The Case Against Education Bourgeois Equality How to Think Describing Inner Experience? Black Boomerang Against the Grain Where India Goes The Collapse of Complex Societies The Filter Bubble Believing is Seeing Probably Approximately Correct Aspiration Some Trick Linear Algebra Done Right Manufacturing Consent Who We Are and How We Got Here From Bacteria to Bach and Back The Conspiracy against the Human Race Love and Math The Polarizers Who is Rich? Q.E.D. The Cost-Benefit Revolution Traumascapes The Human Use of Human Beings The Book of Humans Rusted Off What We See When We Read Le Ton beau de Marot Economics in Two Lessons A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics Manufacturing Consent The Image Conscious Three Guineas On Eating Meat The Reality Bubble Technics and Civilisation The Step to Man The Destruction of the European Jews Super Thinking On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous How to Not Always Be Working Plato at the Googleplex The Best Interface Is No Interface On Tyranny The Revolt of The Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium The Ingenuity Gap Them Disturbing the Universe Adventures of a mathematician Heraclitean Fire I See Satan Fall Like Lightning Exact Thinking in Demented Times The Writer's Map No Immediate Danger A Theory of Justice The Ends of the World The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt Normal Decolonizing Solidarity Birdsong The Invention of Nature The Influential Mind The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management Why Learn History Working Coders Status Anxiety How to Defend Australia The World of Null-A The Comprehensibility of the Universe How to Write a Thesis How to Have Impossible Conversations Breaking News Proofs and Refutations The Tyranny of Opinion So Many Books Democracy Hacked The Weil Conjectures Overdoing Democracy The Undoing Project Feed The Fifth Risk Curves and Angles The Emergence of Probability Reasoning Essays in Understanding, 1930-1954 Interpretable Machine Learning The Paranoid Style in American Politics Human Compatible Who Wants to Run? Twitter and Tear Gas Atomic Habits The Misinformation Age Trick Mirror The Attention Merchants Programmed Inequality Wedged Fallacies Underland Solar Power Finance Without the Jargon Invisible Women The Gendered Brain Waters of the World Network Propaganda Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics Strangers in Their Own Land Permanent Record Kant And The Platypus Finding Oneself in the Other Simulacra and Simulation The True Believer Crowds and Power The Myth Gap The Knowledge Illusion Amusing Ourselves to Death New Dark Age Introduction to new realism Handbook of Cliometrics The Idea Factory Eunoia Pataphysics Significant Digits It Can't Happen Here History Becomes Form The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life Deep Thinking Bullshit Jobs Mere Civility Why They Do It forallx Logic Primer Logic Paradoxes Influence Walking on Lava Orthodoxy Dealers of Lightning Leviathan On Truth and Untruth Public Opinion The Square and the Tower Crystallizing Public Opinion Statistics Refactoring Difficult Conversations Not Born Yesterday The Glass Hotel Virtue Politics The Philosophy of Information Quality Information The Blank Swan The Infinite Machine The Enigma of Reason No Sense of Place Political Turbulence #Republic Stop Reading the News The Precipice The Quest for Community Wiser The Mind is Flat Irrationality Irrationality Smarter Than You Think Stop Being Reasonable Descartes' Error Don't Think of an Elephant! For argument's sake Are Filter Bubbles Real? Trusting Judgements